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Edition # 10
Car news with Jason Mack - the spy in the cab
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Mercedes Sea Class
amphibious car image Mercedes tests the water

In the world of hybrid cars, Mercedes has often seemed rather conservative. However, with the release of this amphibious cousin to the new 6 series, the Sea Class Merc offers ocean liner luxury in a two door coupe. Aimed at the powerboat set and the whimsical rich, the Sea Class is £95,000 worth of hermetically sealed style and James Bond cool.
Wreckered road test
First problem: to take full advantage of the Sea Class' amphibian features, you'll need a Certificate of Competent Crew from the Royal Yacht Association. This will allow you to...

Read the full review of the Mercedes Sea Class here

Mazda flying car
flying car imageMazda MX5ly

The future is here. Or so says Mazda with the remarkable flying MX5ly. Claimed to be the first true flying car, the MX5ly has undergone extensive tests in Japan and is set to wow European motor shows (and airports) early in 2006.

Wreckered road test
Since the dawn of time, when Man first gazed in wonder towards the stars, he has dreamed of a flying car. Well, that dream became reality for me when I took the car for a ...

Read the full review of the Mazda Flying Car here

Drivers are set to form the country's biggest ever road protests after a raft of new proposals by UK politicians which will hit the motorist hard. In the week in which the government announced controversial plans to increase speeding fines by £5 which will be used to pay for a Victims of Crime Fund, London's mayor confirmed plans to enlarge the congestion charge area to take in all of Greater London and parts of surrounding counties.

The new toll motorway in the Midlands look set to be copied across the country and traffic wardens throughout the UK are set to receive a 10% commission on all tickets issued. Further, owners of 4-wheel drive vehicles will stump up extra for the proposed new "turnable tyre tax" and users of blue halogen headlights will be liable for a light pollution charge.

Motoring organisations are up in arms over what is seen as an all out assault on car owners and have called for drivers across the country to join the Million Car March in a protest which will "bring London to a standstill" this summer.

Traffic police scoffed at the suggestion. Said one officer, "The city is already at a standstill - you can't make it any slower".

Physicist Karl Anderson agreed,"The likely outcome of trying to bring London to a standstill is that the existing standstill will start moving backwards."

A spokesman for London's mayor was defiant. "A million cars are gonna come here and pay the congestion charge ?? Bring 'em on - we'll use the money for a party once they've gone."

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