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Edition # 12
Car news with Jason Mack - the spy in the cab
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The highways of the future will be no-go areas for all but the most advanced PPVs (personal protection vehicles). VW is set to unveil their prototype later this year: the Aggressor TDi Mark1. With a high-end combination of power, luxury and weapon systems, the Aggressor promises both driver comfort and unimaginable violence. I got a sneak preview.

Read the full review and road test vw anti-riot vehicle

vw anti riot van

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police jet pack


Glasgow police have been chosen to pilot the new Police Jet Pack. The Flying Police will be patrolling Glasgow's skies as early as this summer.

Fuel constraints mean the Jet Packs can fly for only 90 seconds but Glasgow Police intend to have 5 or 6 Jet-Packed Officers floating over the city centre in a hot air balloon. Any trouble, they leap out of the basket and jet pack to the scene.

Said Sergeant Chris Forbes, "It'll be like a squad of superheroes all swooping down. The bad guy is going to freak when he sees that. I mean, seriously. And imagine they got one for the Dog Unit. It'd be, like, Jet Dog".

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the wreckered survey

We asked some of our staff to reveal the contents of their glove compartments. We wondered if they would tell us anything about the fears of British drivers. The results are shocking.

glove compartment image

JASON MACK:: 2 car magazines, 1 pair of gloves, a spare SatNav, a hammer and a shuriken.

JOHN CROW: boiled sweets, unpaid parking tickets, a Bowie Knife, an air pistol, four cassette tapes and a pair of women's panties.

TARA JONES: a small black address book, some scratched CDs, 2 fl oz Mephodrone, a small bottle of Amyl Nitrate, 2 menthol cigarettes, a can of Mace and a pair of women's panties.

PSYCHIC AUGUSTA: a fun-size crystal ball, an unfinished moonchart, a wig, some beads, a home-made dreamcatcher and a collection of voodoo dolls.

EDDY WRECK: A phone charger, assorted CDs, a Swiss Army Flashlight, a packet of fudge and a sawn-off shotgun.

Applied nationwide, these results show that the majority of British drivers are armed. Glove compartment watchers point to a dangerous change in the contents of glove compartments over the last ten years. Anthony Murray of Glove Magazine says, "Drivers are clearly getting ready for the Road Rage Revival. If glove compartments could speak, they would be saying, "I refuse to be a victim"."

Drivers groups and others claim that the Road Rage Revival is just around the corner. Murray told wreckered, "The signs are there. All we are waiting for is the return of confidence."

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by Hole Correspondent Gordon Ross

The winter weather has damaged Britain's road infrastructure causing holes and cracks to appear all over the country. Some are deep enough to cause small vehicles like the Smart car and the Fiat Sem-Tone to disappear completely, while larger cars are damaged by falling into the fissures.

Glasgow City Council has reacted swiftly to the problem and have improvised an ingenious solution. A massive stockpile of concrete speed bumps have been utilised by inverting them and cementing them into the holes. The so-called "anti-holes" are believed to be the first example of speed bumps being used to increase the speed of traffic.

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