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Motoring #7
Car news with Jason Mack - the spy in the cab
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Volkswagen news 

VW unveil their versatile new golf cabriolet at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month. The 6- wheeler has an extended rear end with four passenger seats which fold down to create the storage facility of a mini pick-up truck. .

Read full review and road test here


Ferrari news 

ferrari van imageFERRARI DELIVERS
We won't be able to call it snail mail anymore when the Royal Mail gets its hands on a fleet of these babies.

The postal service is confirmed as the first major customer for the Ferrarivan, which will provide the Royal Mail with a classy new fleet of..

Read full review and road test here


porsche limo imageThe new Porsche Limo, as revealed in last month's wreckered, has shown up in the UK.

The first evidence comes from reader Colin Tominey who got this snap
of the car outside Stella McCartney's wedding on the Isle of Bute.

speed camera imageSPEED CAMERAS TO BE ARMED 
Police chiefs have reacted cautiously to renewed calls for speed cameras to be armed. Following recent vandalism of cameras by organised groups of angry motorists calling themselves MAD - Motorists Against Drivers - armed speed cameras are said to be back on the agenda.

The proposed combination of CCTV and live ammunition has brought criticism from driving organisations, who have demanded a meeting with Home Office ministers. Last year East Anglia police piloted a scheme in which speed cameras around Cambridge were fitted with hi-powered flechettes. The TOW (towed on wire) devices were withdrawn after shooting only at the tires of police cars and on one occasion impaling a woman against a kiosk.

Critics warn of a society governed by a race of robocops on poles. Jackie Moore, currently taking a year out, said "They'll be like guard towers, man. Total birth of a machine culture keeping us down. Like, we're already living in the days of the Terminator or the bible or something". Civil Rights UK boss Martin Mill echoed Moore's concerns. "It's like, totally George Orwell. Heavy duty."

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