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Edition # 9
Car news with Jason Mack - the spy in the cab
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vauxhall car image Vauxhall VX 220 Verti-go

After what can only be described as a motoring journalists frenzy, this week the silk was drawn back to reveal Vauxhalls VX 220 Verti-go. No, your eyes are not deceiving you - this baby will quite literally drive you up the wall. Vauxhall say this is the only way forward if inner city parking problems are to be conquered.

However, the question is: at £25,000 for the base 220 plus £32,000 to convert it into a Verti-go would you still want one?

Full road test and review of the Vauxhall V220 Verti-go here


toyota tardis imageTOYOTA TARDIS

I remember seeing the Toyota Yaris for the first time at the Glasgow SECC motor exhibition sometime back and recall being very impressed. The bare faced cheek of it, the size, the space, just blew me away. What you got was the Verso: overall length 3.6 metres, width 1.69 metres, height 1.6 metres, 5 seats, 390 litres of boot space and - get this - with the seats folded down a stonking 2160 of load space. Incredible!

Powered by a 1.3 litre vvt-i engine developing 85bhp I thought the Yaris could not be bettered. Well it can, but by who ..? Toyota ! Yes, they have achieved the impossible with the new Yaris, named the Tardis (I know it's not the most original of names from our Teriyaki eating Nipponese friends from Japan in the far east, but read on..)

Full road test and review of the Toyota Tardis here

A fourth London man has been beaten half to death by pedestrians in what psychologists have now dubbed Audio Rage.

Simon Hill, 23, was pulled from his vehicle while at traffic lights in Chiswick and subjected to a vicious attack by three men enraged by the volume of his In Car Entertainment system. Witnesses told police that shoppers stood by during the beating and offered encouragement to the attackers.

When the men then ripped Hill's radio and CD player from the dash of his Subaru Impreza and smashed it underfoot there was a pavement wide round of applause.

The attack is the latest in a disturbing trend of pedestrians taking the law into their own hands and exacting retribution on drivers who subject the general public to horror volume.

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