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Sex in the travel industry
Tara Jones
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Tara is a qualified sex expert who writes exclusively for wreckered magazine.

Below, Tara talks to women who have had sex in the travel industry

Sex in the travel industry

ARLENE (30, Events Organiser)
John worked for a travel agency. One night we snuck into the office, tore down a huge map of the world, laid it on the floor and had sex over most of Europe. We certainly left our mark on Germany.

CHRISSY (26, Ski Mask Designer)
Last year I joined the Mile High Club. Or at least I thought I had. I was told later that you are actually supposed to have someone else in the cubicle with you.

ABIGAIL (22, Horse Whisperer)
I was on a cruise and had sex with a couple who worked on the ship. I was worried that they would tell other people about what we had got up to, but fortunately they were both shot dead by Somali pirates two days later.

JANET (26, Truffle Hunter)
Brad was a technician at NASA. Even I never knew that I had a zero-G spot.Two of his astronaut friends showed me their helmets.

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