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Sex With Freaks
Tara Jones
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Tara is a qualified sex expert who writes exclusively for wreckered magazine.

Below, Tara talks to women who have had sex with freaks

Sex With Freaks

ISOBEL (28, Events Organiser)
I lost my virginity to a man with a talking penis. He was a foreign exchange student from Bejing. It was okay, but I don't speak Mandarin and I had no idea what his penis was saying.

I once spent the night with a yoga teacher who could rotate his waist 180 degrees so that everything down there faced backwards. Doing it doggy-style was more trouble than it was worth.

ALISON (22, TV researcher)
He was 8' 5" tall and everything about him was in proportion! I couldn't wait to get him into my bedroom. In fact, I couldn't get him into my bedroom. We had to use ropes and pulleys to hoist him up the side of the building and in through the window.

JOSIE (33, company director)
My ex-boyfriend was born with male and female genitals. This meant we could have a threesome with only two of us in bed.

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