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Sex with older men
Tara Jones
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Tara is a qualified sex expert who writes exclusively for wreckered magazine.

Below, Tara talks to women who have had sex with older men.

Sex With Older Men

empty space gifAlison is 25 and her husband is 44. "He knows exactly how to send me into a marinade of love bliss. His tongue-work alone is superb, reflecting as it does years of experience in the ways of pleasuring women."

empty space gifFiona is 20 and her man Graeme is 34. "Older guys are more confident than young men. And they usually have a house and a car - so I don't have to worry about parents hearing the sounds of our lovemaking".

empty space gifArlene is 19 and has been with 39 year old Joe for six months. "His divorce left him unable to trust women of his age. His ex was a bitch who wouldn't let him near her when the monster in his pants grew hungry for attention."

empty space gif Sarah 27 is with Stuart, 62. " Apart from a prostate problem, he is as mad for sex as the thrustiest of young studs. When he comes home after winning at golf he just can't keep his hands off me."

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