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Bill Harvey cartoon

The Odds - by US cartoonist Bill Harvey

More of Bill's stuff here on our site

Visit the man: www.BeholdComics.com


 LIFESTYLE  Fashion, love, celebs, and more

Seonaid Divine image

by Twitter Sensation
Seonaid Divine

The Divine Blog

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Sex Columnist
Tara Jones



sex columnist

Featured video from amnesty tv


The Scottish News

Scotland Screwed If It Becomes Scotland

November 2011

Business fears independence

Renewables bring poverty and death

Referendum to cause AIDS

Recent claims claim that if Scots were to vote for independence, a plague of HIV would bring death and poverty to innocent people. Further, a Conservative/New Labour think tank claims that the notion of independence for Scotland has led many business leaders to flee the country, fearing that self-determination would cause their dicks to become inflamed and pus-ridden. Promises of inward investment are said to have fallen by 38% in the last financial year, measured against a basket of currencies.

Further, a rise of 8% in the seasonally adjusted total of indigenous junkies has seen an 8% decrease in the number of foreign junkies - leading many to give credence to claims that drug dealers are targetting Scottish junkies at the expense of junkies from East European countries. Brendan Parker, of right-wing think tank Freedom to Punish, points to the rise of renewables as a probable cause for the statistic: "We never had this problem before people started harnessing the so-called power of the tides."

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Alien Abductions

A wreckered report with visuals by Janne Karlsson

Janne Karlsson cartoon



Haunted House Tour Claims Another Life
A third person has died at Arrocher House on Scotland's west coast..

Woman Talks The Hind Legs Off A Donkey
A woman is being prosecuted by the owner of a beach donkey..

Best Dressed Commandos
Fashion on the frontlines..

Pale Scots Blind Holiday Family
Three members of an Italian family blinded by glint after Scottish people arrived..

Drug Use at Barbeques
Shock report..

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alien abduction

Scarlet Monahan Cameron


Let Them Eat Cake


image by

Scarlet Monahan



Check out Scarlet's work




Cartoon slideshow by Lubomir Kotrha.

See more of Lubomir's cool cartoons here


  Wreckered cars - News, reviews, more


amphibious mercedes car

Mercedes Sea Class Amphibious Car


Full review here


marian kamensky image

Painter by Marian Kamensky

Visit his site or see some of his work in wreckered


Julian Loayza cartoon

Securitate by Julian Loayza

as featured in wreckered #12 "The Fear Special"

Featured video from autonomi.tv



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Disclaimer: Wreckered is a satire magazine. Little of it is true nor intended to be regarded as true. Get a grip
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alien abduction painter securitate