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Issue 15 - The Independence Special

curated by guest editor Xenia Schiller

Stu Who flag

image by Stu Who - more Stu stuff here

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When satire trips itself up - Jimmy Carr and taxes



Featured stories in #15

MSPs in stooshie

Drug users none the wiser

Moon getting further away

Paralysed man can tap dance

Falkland Islands on ebay

Scottish independence


My first kiss..

Was under the mistletoe one Christmas when I was eleven. To this day, whenever I see a long tongue, I think of Uncle Stuart.


Scarlet Monahan image

Another reason why Eton should not run Scotland

- image by Scarlet Monahan - more Scarlet stuff here -


My first drink..

Was at about 11 o'clock this morning. I've had four or five since then, but a strong cup of coffee will set me straight before I go pick up the kids from school.





Business leaders warn of the dangers of independence. No paradox evident.

Recent claims claim that if Scots were to vote for independence, a plague of HIV and mice would bring misery to hard working people.

A Coalition think tank also claims that the notion of independence for Scotland has led many business leaders to flee the country, fearing that self-determination would cause their dicks to be measured in public.

Inward investment is said to have fallen by 18% in the last financial year, measured against a basket of currencies.

Further, a rise of 8% in the seasonally adjusted total of indigenous junkies has seen an 8% decrease in the number of foreign junkies - leading many to give credence to claims that drug dealers are targetting Scottish junkies at the expense of immigrant junkies.

Brendan Parker, of right-wing think tank Freedom to Punish, points to the rise of renewables as a probable cause for the statistics: "We never had these problems before people started harnessing the so-called power of the tides."

.unionist myths pic

Food for thought at newsnetscotland.com


stu who cartoon

another cool image by Stu Who


My first holiday..

I recall being taken from the cellar and led around the garden for twenty minutes. Bliss.



marian kamensky cartoon

You taking the right direction for the right reason? John Gavin writes for wreckered.

- image by Marian Kamensky -



My first job..

Was as a research assistant in a science department investigating thermo-semantics, that is, the study of heated conversations. I lasted two weeks before I was sacked for talking back to my boss.


sex columnist

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Disclaimer: Wreckered is a satire magazine. The contents are fictitious. None of it is true nor intended to be regarded as true. Get a grip
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