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Your Wreckered – Campaigning For YOU!
Wreckered has a long history of campaigning on behalf of YOU, our readers. Whether you are an ordinary person in the street or the wealthy owner of a successful coach firm, Wreckered is always there to fight your corner.
Our successes are numerous. Who could forget the way we fought against the menace of alcopops by giving our readers free cans of beer? You may also remember when, thanks to a now infamous typing error, we campaigned tirelessly for the retention of Section 29, the law that prevented the teaching of children in schools.
Or how about Wreckered Against Rugs, our successful campaign to highlight the threat posed to the nation’s children by bad hairpieces. What do you, the reader, think we should be campaigning for?
We want to hear from YOU!

e-mail wreckered.co.uk

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Warning contains adult and mature content.
Stunning XXX pics
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Big cats seen in Oban
Scot Porn Romp
Farm Dog finds baton of truth
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The editor speaks

Do we have the right to keep a monkey ?

In these PC days when the government seems ever more eager to appease the do-gooders, we see the steady erosion of basic freedoms such as hunting and the right to keep a monkey in a domestic residence.

With the recent ban on hunting with dogs, the impending legislation forcing farmers to vaccinate their livestock and the controversial arrest of Thomas Harris for the alleged crime of having a monkey in a two bedroomed flat, we note the iron hand of interference .

If Holyrood chooses to ignore the very real concerns of those both of the left and the right about centralised powers being devolved to the quangos, they must face this stark truth: to mix dogma with a pragmatic approach would leave us in a state of progma.

For the Blairite yes-men, this would be seen as a return to the old days. For those with longer memories, perhaps a return to some long distant notion of nationhood past.
Meantime, you still can't keep a monkey in your house.

We say these intrusions are not only affecting the wider whole but also the silent majority. This is no longer a simple matter of townies aganst countryies - the debate must now include the universal acknowledgement of the primate inside all.

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What would you like to see in Wreckered ?
In our next edition would you like more sport, less sport, more pictures, something mildly funny ? You the reader can help create edition 2 by sending us your suggestions. And one lucky suggestor will win a free gif. *

e-mail wreckered.co.uk

* offer open to UK residents only.The gif is 16 pixels by 16 pixels.

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