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Seonaid Divine

Keeping an eye on the stars for you.

Seonaid says
"My VIP passes get me in anywhere - but I bring my readers in with me"


Jungle survival reality show I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here's gay scottish comedian lesbian tv presenter Rhona "the moaner" Cameron buying a pan loaf in her home town of Musselburgh.

Was that Pop Idol's Pete Waterman seen in the Kingdom Hall shopping centre in Fife with a trophy bimbo in tow looking for the Carphone Warehouse ?

Who else saw Darius staggering out of Edinburgh's trendy City Cafe and getting jumped by four men in burberry caps ?


Street style makes a return with those belts with stringy bits hanging down at the side of the hip.

Look out for the new carrot and saliva moisture cream from Glosso 17. Stay moist and orange for 24 hours.

The Wondergel Big Lift Bra gives any cleavage a boost by combining the strength and flexibility of a sports bra with the allure of a desperate tart.


Shopping, snogging, love romps. Sometimes I think I can't take it any more. My boyfriend left me for my sister. Then she slept with his brother. Now both brothers are comparing notes and she keeps leaving tearful messages on my mobile.

I try to find meaning in this miasma of desire and disappointment yet see nothing but a bitter and hostile landscape of self-loathing and fear.
One of these days, I swear, I'm going to take a kitchen knife out on the street and stab a mosher in the face. God help me.

Succesful women have many things in common: driving ambition, resourcefulness and clear skin.
How good to see UN Ambassador for Goodwill and Compassion and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell share a platform recently with our very own Rita Rusk.
The Women Forward event included a satellite relay address by Body Shop founder Anita Roddick. At the party afterwards, the VIP tent was awash with champagne and celebrities: the Appletons, Meg Mathews, Kylie, George Bowie, Stella McCartney, Chick Young and yours truly among the galaxy of stars... Oh, Christ, I hate this pap. I hate these people. I hate myself. Is this all there is ? Is it ? E-mail me the name of anyone who gives a flying monkey's fuck.

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Rita Rusk


Which balding Radio Scotland morning show presenter and tv personality and supermarket opener held up the filming of a new series of the hilarious quiz show Caledonia McBrains because he had to have his tennis court re-aligned by 90 degrees that very day ?

Dont ask me. I'm a-Fred I don't know (geddit?).

Have you spotted anyone famous ?
Heard any hot juicy gossip ?
Seen anyone who is on the telly buying cornflakes out of Tesco ? Or filling their car up with petrol or something ? Perhaps even looking out their window ?

Tell Seonaid- just hit the link and spill the beans
.. "Guess what."

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