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FOR THE WRECKERED.. The editor speaks
When mob rule is not enough

Wreckered recognises the right of any mob to take to the streets in peaceful protest. However, the latest concerns about flying paedophiles must cause anguish for all.

Not only do the powers that be wish to protect beasts from natural retribution, they tell us that to name and shame such vermin would only "drive them underground". Our front page story shows just how wrong the government has been. Far from going underground, the paedophiles have chosen to go "overground", patrolling the skies in jet packs.

How long before a paedophile decides to crash himself into the Twin Towers, which were themselves attacked and destroyed by Al Quaeda in the events of 9/11. Wherefore then, the bleeding heart liberals ?

For too long, the rule of law has held back the rule of the mob. If democracy is based on the fundamental principle of the will of the majority, it is surely a paradox and an insult to inhibit the actions of a normal baying mob while allowing those who transgress society's rules to fly over rooftops seeking unwary victims.


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jet pack which could be
used by flying perverts

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empty space gifFriday’s collapse in global markets has left thousands of city high flyers face down in the executive suite shag pile after throwing up against a basket of currencies..

The news that gargantuan US mortgage provider Fannie May’s gap had opened up, leaving it dangerously exposed to curve shifts and spread widening, proved too much for traders and investors.. “Its carnage out there” said Chuck Thrower, billionaire head of equity cash trading at Bulge Bank. "Bush's obsession with Iraq hasn’t been helping, but the widening of Fannie’s gap is the last straw. We’re in a low-liquidity-driven death spiral, and the low liquidity is driving it.”

Worse was to come. The already greying mood turned black on Thursday when the left-wing candidate ‘Lula’, a male, won the Brazilian election on a platform of poverty reduction, an end to unemployment and free health and education for all. The US nosedived on the catastrophe, causing London to bellyflop in sympathy.

Over the clamour of the derivatives dealing room at Macho Bank, trading king Max Maxentius told me, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Its panic selling registering five hundred on the Richter scale. If we didn’t already have a ‘Black Friday’, I think this would go down as ‘Black Friday. We're all fucked.’”

The market turmoil which climaxed last week without precedent has been given a befitting name. But next week will bring a new week, a new opportunity for a fresh start, and new hope to those who found only despair in this, one of capitalism’s roller-coaster’s most wild rides.

The Insider

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Back by popular demand -
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After the overwhelming demand which last month caused our server to crash, we present once again this handy note which lets the world know that you
are a real wreck.

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