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McConnell backs bid to sell Fife to German artist

Jack McConnell confirmed that he sees "no real objection" to Fife being sold to German conceptual artist Dresden Hamman. "We must always be able to embrace new initiatives", the First Minister told MSPs.
The plan would see much of Fife owned by the notorious millionaire
bad boy of agit-prop art.
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Hamman "Fife is the
kingdom of lost souls"
In 1996, Hamman acquired a street on the island of Mull and put mannequins in the window of every house. Entitled "Mannequins in Mull", the work was bought for $14m by an American collector and shipped in its entirety to Seattle.

McConnell is known to be keen to divest himself of Fife. An insider told wreckered, "Big Jack thinks its more dam trouble than its worth" McConnell will face a battle from those in his own party who deny the validity of conceptual art. Hamman, however, told wreckered that his patronage could bring " a new beginning for the kingdom of lost souls."
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Majorettes "addictive"

A new study shows that majorettes can in some instances be addictive.
Experts at St Martins College claim to have found clusters of outbreaks close to the scenes of majorettes activity. This follows claims last month that cheerleading is a form of manipulation.
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Win-a-mob competition !
This month wreckered offers you the chance to win a mob for a day. Up to fifty baying lunatics could be yours to control. Ever wanted to descend mob handed on a neighbour ? Drive a peadiatrician from her home ? Or simply charge down the street to loot your nearest Asda ? Grab a pitchfork and enter our win-a-mob competition
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wallop wot-a-pitcha
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Bloke in hat says
"fuck yer no-fly zone"
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your stars
What do the stars say about you this month?
Gypsy Nocturno
reveals all...
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newsbox stories
Bowls man death threat.
Flouride - the facts.
Arbroath ready for Y2K.
JK Rowling blasts plan.
Bag o' Fish inventor dies
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Loch Lomond in gigantic fish threat

Never mind Nessie, say boffins at Loch Lomond Oceanic Centre. They have identified a gigantic fish in the tranquil waters of the loch. Said to be as big as a car, the freak fish is thought to be some hybrid between a breem and a pike.
Local man Lorne Walton said "You ought to have seen this thing. Like, it was massive. A right big fish, it was." Angler Joe Heenan said, "I was in a canoe and it came right at me. All sort of grinning."
Joe beat the thing off with a paddle. Nearby campers took up the tale."We were just opening a bottle of cider" said Mary Howie "and next thing we saw this guy in a canoe battering the fuck out of a big fish. These things exist. Its global warming."
Botanists however, point to the high nitrous compounds in the loch bed to explain the presence of so mighty a fish.

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fish "as big as a car"
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Wreckered reviewed by socialists
Scottish Socialist Voice has given wreckered a website of the month review. While we welcome the positive tone of the remarks (below) let the socialists beware. Wreckered will be neither bought nor flattered by the ravings of the left. Nor shall our independent right to speak for the silent majority be compromised.

WEBSITE OF THE MONTH by Mark Woffenden
It's quite hard to do a review of a satirical website without just wanting to reproduce all the jokes from it. Wreckered.co.uk calls itself a "comedy tabloid newspaper", and its content will make entertaining viewing for anyone who reads and is reduced to hysterics by the so-called 'real' tabloids.
Dividing itself up into lifestyle, sport, news and opinions sections - just like a real tabloid newspaper - Wreckered leads its current second edition with a story about Saddam Hussein's plans to develop unclear weapons - smart bomb technology unsure what it's supposed to be doing. Headlines such as "Britney clothed photo fury" are developed pithily, not falling into what I like to call "The Onion Trap" by taking a joke and hammering every last bit of funniness out of it, flogging a concept until it gets really boring, going on and on and on with an idea until you aren't actually enjoying it any more and are a bit bored, in fact.
Not with Wreckered! Succinct, up to date and - for me, anyway - laugh out loud funny, this site has the potential to grow into something a bit culty, like Viz magazine, or perhaps Chris Morris' The Day Today programme (especially with the jet pack-wearing flying paedophiles idea). But in an online format.

Scottish Socialist Voice can be found at http://www.scottishsocialistvoice.net
Thanks to Mark for the review.
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