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Seonaid Divine
Keeping an eye on the stars for you !

Seonaid says "My VIP passes get me in anywhere - but I bring my readers in with me"

Gareth Gates outside Virgin Megastore in Glasgow.

BBC Radio Scotland's "The Fix" presenter and News of the World columnist - "she's busty, she's ballsy and she's barking mad" - Anwar Khan outside a crepe van in Glasgow's fashionable West End.

TV's Chewin' the Fat's Karen Dunbar using a cashpoint machine in Edinburgh's St Andrew's Square.

Send your celebrity sightings to Seonaid.


Glosso 17 Derriere-Raise bum lifter tights. Bring the perkiness back to your bottom with the pantie-hose version of a wonderbra. Drive your friends wild with envy and make your man crazy with big bug eyes like fried eggs.

80% of women in Oban prefer kitten heels to strappy sling backs. No wonder the men leave town and head for the cities.



I've got high blood pressure. My GP told me this. As if I'd be surprised. She also told me I was suffering from alcohol poisoning. I told her that the utter meaninglessness of my life would drive anyone to drink. She slapped me and told me that she loved me. I spat on the carpet and told her I'd committed a sexual act with her husband last year. She told me she knew. We both agreed he is weak. I'm seeing her Tuesday night for dinner.

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Stop your man from straying with these three simple steps

With a recent UK survey showing that Scots men have more affairs than their cousins down south, wreckered presents three simple steps to love bliss.
Step 1. Food
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Step 2 . Passion
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Step 3. Relaxation
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Nothing will get a red-blooded Scotttish man going better than a good fried breakfast. Even vegans love this. And who knows, he may well want to return the favour by giving you his full monty.

He knows when you are in the
mood for love. And how could he resist with this alluring cotton teddy from BHS (£14.99).
Go on -show him the real woman lurking inside the woman he thinks he knows.

After a hard day working down the mine or at the office, his heart will melt when he comes home to find that you have bought him a 28" Nicam TV.

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Gypsy Nocturno
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