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empty space gifHarry Potter author blasts begging scheme

Millionaire children's author JK Rowling is said to be threatening massive legal action against Glasgow City Council.

It has emerged that the name of a new practice for clearing the streets of vagrants in the city bears a strong likeness to her own name. The controversial 'jakey rolling' scheme was first introduced in May to clean up the streets ahead of football's Champion's League Final and funding has since been identified which will allow it to be extended city-wide all year round.

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Arbroath ready for Millenium Bug

Arbroath officials claimed today that their town is now "braced and ready" for the millenium bug.
Cnclr Neil McFarlane said "We are confident we can withstand whatever YK2 can throw at us."
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MSPs: Sectarianism not good

A cross party group of MSPs have been holding a series of crisis talk crunch meetings since October when the Old Firm fixture was tarnished by sectarian violence.
The Committee for Moral Indignation is preparing report which will state that sectarianism is not only bad, but is also "unhelpful", "needless" and "potentially damaging".

The Executive has already released a statement which calls for tough, radical new measures such as a "stop to all this nonsense".
Tension between Catholics and Protestants in Scotland is nothing new, and is likely to blight our country for the foreseeable future unless direct action is taken to settle the age old arguments once and for all.

That's why Wreckered is offering our readers the opportunity to take part in a poll which will make our elected representatives sit up and take notice. We want you to tell us who's best: Catholics or Protestants.

E-mail wreckered with your choice as the subject line of your e-mail.

Last month's poll, Jews v Hindus, was a narrow victory for the Jews. The winner of Catholics v Protestants will meet the Jews in the final.

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your stars
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Coultard - I'm no Thunderbird puppet
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Bowls man - I'll kill you all
The world of bowls was rocked by the arrest last night of Linwood club captain Arthur Smillie, who was restrained by police outside the club's pavilion while on a drink and drug fuelled rampage.

One witness said, "Arthur just started shouting in the window of the social club that he would kill us all. Next thing the police arrived and kicked the shit out of him."

Mark Shields, another senior member of Scotland's bowling establishment, was carpeted last month after threatening to kill a referee.

Bowls watchers point to the increasing pressures in the game to explain the incidence of homicidal captains
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empty space gif FLUORIDE:
The seven deadly facts

1.Causes heartburn
2.Makes teeth shoogly
3.Is used in the rave drug ecstacy
4.Can cause impotence
5 Linked to murder of JFK
6.Puts yellow stuff on teeth
7.Makes men attractive to other men.
Scots: we don't want to live in space
A survey by the CBI shows that four out of five Scots would not choose to live in space.
70% chose suburban locations while only 23% preferred the hustle and bustle of city life. Of the remaining respondents, one was a don't know while the others ticked yes to everything except for living in space.

Richard Mearns, inventor of the "bag o' fish" died at home last night after a long battle with ailing health. He is survived by a wife, Ethel.
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