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Yes, you can win your very own mob for the day. All you have to do is answer one simple question and to tell us in twenty words or less why you should win a mob.

Q. Big Mags Heaney was
a) a vigilante
b) a drug dealer
c) all of the above

And don't forget your twenty word reason for having a mob.

Entrants must be 18 or over.

Competition not open to employees of wreckered.co.uk.

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a mob
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We in the press have been heavily criticised for publishing the details of known sex offenders living in our towns and villages - possibly even next door to you - but the trendy lefty do-gooder broadsheets reckoned without the passion and feeling that exists among real people on the real streets of Britain.

Unheard of, God-forsaken housing schemes were just unheard of, God-forsaken housing schemes until we published the identities of known paedophiles and people who looked not like us - some of whom even lived near schools. Now those streets have been returned to the people and we ask those liberal elite apologists for paedophiles: who was right? Us, of course. You only need to take five minutes to chat to the people who live in these once unheard of, God-forsaken housing schemes, and that's exactly what we did when we visited the Paulsgrove Estate in Portsmouth.

Mother-of-two, Pearl Hackney, told us: "I've got four kids and the streets around here have never been safer. Nobody is scared to leave their house now and you can let the kids stay out to the early hours of the morning without any fear." Ms Hackney was then arrested on suspicion of child benefit fraud.

Wreckered also spoke to James Stevens, a quiet loner with no close friends, who told us that, despite the numerous beatings he's taken from local lynch mobs, he believes vigilantism has been a "force for good" in the scheme. "It's been a bit of a nightmare," James told us, "but that's the price you pay for looking not quite the same as them."
"But", he added, "If me being beaten up means the streets are safe for kids then I can handle it." He then collapsed on the pavement outside a primary school before being arrested for benefit fraud.

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The editor speaks

Scandal which engulfs us all

Recent high profile cases of television presenters falling from grace begs the question: where do these people think the rest of us come from ?? A banana boat ?? As licence payers we have a right to expect that our hard earned money will not be going up the noses of over inflated sex monsters in fast cars and expensive suits.

When will TV bosses heed the sound of the majority and protect our children from the rampages of the well-heeled ? It is only a matter of time before some smug love rat is exposed as a romp beast. When even royal butlers cannot be trusted to sell their stories to the right newspaper, we must all hang our heads and mourn the passing of those standards which once held our society together in the glue of decency.

And yet we hear a deafening silence from the public school governors of the BBC who pawn their principles to kremlin paymasters, no doubt living the high life among the drug lords of Colombia.

The explosion in the number of tv channels will inevitably unearth more of the sordid cretins who choose to ride rough shod over the moral high ground. At wreckered we say to tv bosses, "We are watching you.."


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Angus Deayton:
drugs and vice
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Brian Harvey:
drugs and ecstacy
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Captain Yellow:
string baron

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Free with your wreckered:
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Once again we give away this handy note which lets the world know that you are a real wreck.

Simply download the sticker and paste it onto your computer's desktop.
You can even print it, and using household glue or blu-tac, stick it to the window of a van or other vehicle. Or why not send it as an attachment when you e-mail your friends ?

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