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Sometime 2003
World news through our eyes
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Asylum seekers use panto horse to enter UK

Asylum seekers have been dressing as pantomime horses to smuggle themselves into the UK.
The flood has led to calls for stricter controls on fancy dress hire, amid fears that terrorists could strike during the festive season. The Prime Minister urged people to be extra vigilant over the holiday period and warned of tough decisions ahead.

Scots Tory leader David McLetchie estimates that up to 5,000 people may have illegally entered Scotland by simply dressing as a pantomime horse and getting the train from London. "Last week in
my constituency, an Afghan family applied for a council house while dressed as Widow Twanky".

Intelligence agencies have warned of a plot to flood Scottish cities with Chechen orphans disguised as the seven dwarves. The claim has alarmed Dwarf
Rights Groups, who fear it will lead to reprisals
against those below average height.

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Was this panto horse a gang of
snakehead asylum seekers ?

This panto horse was snapped by a wreckered man on the
Glasgow to Edinburgh shuttle service. (see edition 2).

Could this have been a gang of illegal immigrants ?
Or even Muslim terrorists ?

Osama bin Laden is believed to have been hidden in the
back end of a pantomime cow in order to avoid
detection by military satellites.

The Home Secretary conceded as much in his Commons statement. "Yes. It will lead to all sorts of bother for many people. But that is the price we pay for living in a democracy".

The trade in human misery has spread to the Carribean where Rastafarian Jamaican yardy boy "snakehead" drug gangs have been employing horses as mules.

The mules are sent in horse containers by air or by sea, often accompanied by women who have swallowed an asylum seeker.

Richard White, chairman of the right wing think tank Freedom To Punish told wreckered "We are virtually under siege."

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authentic horse

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rastafarian disguised as horse
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Wreckered reader recognises humour and e-mails it to Wreckered
Mr Foster from Fife writes to tell us

Stewart Duff, Elvis impersonator and winner of Stars in Your Eyes, turned on the Christmas lights at Glenrothes' Kingdom Centre last week, performing the hit song, 'A Little Less Conversation'.

Seeing this was in Glenrothes, some local youngsters performed their civil duty by throwing tomatoes and other fruit and veg at the 'star'. This prompted the Glenrothes Gazette's fantastic headline:


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