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Sometime 2003
World news through our eyes
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The editor speaks

Wreckered man John Crow speaks passionately this week (below) about the need to protect children from the dangers lurking everywhere. So too must we be ever vigilant in the fight against a return to the militant days of the seventies when the likes of rat faced Len Murray, Kremlin supremo of the TUC, brought the country to a standstill.

A generation has grown up who do not recall the winter of discontent: when rubbish lay rotting in the streets for weeks; when people queued for bread; when the 3 day week was imposed; when electricity rationing meant candles for light; when the corpses of Britain's dead lay stacked four high; when Russian tanks rolled down the M6 and every other civil servant was exposed as a KGB spy.

The KGB may have gone but the British spirit remains defiant. We must not give in to those who wish a decent standard of living. To do so would open the floodgates across the public sector - thus leaving the Ministry of Defence starved of funds at a time of national crisis.

Now more than ever, we must tighten our belts and show the true Dunkirk spirit - but this time not against the Nazis but against the enemy within.

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stuka dive bomber

pay rises would have
same effect on morale

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Are our children safe from parents ?
With figures showing that 77% of all child murders are committed by parents, it is surely time that children were removed from their parents and brought up by a team of skilled experts in a fenced environment on the Isle of Man.

Yes, there would be heartbreak, yes there would be sacrifice required from all of us who hold children dear - but in times such as these, when danger stalks every street, the safety of the little ones must be paramount. Therefore, send them to the Isle of Man.

I read a statistic which said that the population of the UK could fit onto the Isle of Man. It is time for our government to stop pussy footing around with the government of Spain and to simply annex the damn place for the good of British children everywhere.

Of course, we would have to remove the apes which blight the island for fear that they may maraud among the innocents. This of course is bound to upset the anti-hunting lobby, but political correctness gone mad must not be allowed to stand in the way of our young ones under the tutelage of trained experts on the Isle of Man.

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Once again we give away this handy note which lets the world know that you are a real wreck.

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