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Elsewhere in this publication boffins are derided and abused. There is however, one area of boffinry which all of us must hail. I speak of the space program. Since the early days of the space race while America was putting monkeys in space suits and the Russians had already sent Nadia Comaneci into orbit without breathing, man has looked to the stars and wondered aloud, then retired defeated.

With the news that Pioneer 10 has become the first man made thing to leave the solar system it is time surely for each of us to pause and salute the greatness that is the human race. While dolphins, chimps and pigs (yes pigs) are routinely lauded for having good brains, it is time surely for mankind to stand up and say "We rule".

Yes, we get things wrong, yes, we blow each other up, but when did a dolphin or a pig ever countenance the awesome notion of say, the channel tunnel ? Yes, monkeys could learn to dig or even operate a fork lift, but could any of these so-called "creatures" have raised the finance for such an audacious project ? I think not.

Pioneer carries with it a plaque bearing an illustration of what we look like and where we live. I for one welcome the discovery of us by an advanced civilisation which will visit us and correct the moral uncertainty and legal minefields in which we all suffer.

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The editor speaks

Personal Space

John Crow (above) speaks eloquently of his hopes and aspirations for the Pioneer 10 space project. It is incumbent on us all, however, to bear in mind that an alien is an alien no matter where they come from. The vote-grabbing posturing by the Home Secretary does little to calm the fears of the majority who wish tighter controls on immigration and a coherent nationwide asylum policy.

Make no mistake: even those who come to our land with legitimate skills which we need and which would benefit the majority bring with them an insidious threat to British jobs.

And yet, the PC brigade would have us believe that the concept of splendid isolation should be consigned to the dustbin of history. They would have us believe that variety is unity - when the day to day experience of the ordinary working person is that things are a lot better when nothing surprising happens.

Wreckered stands with those who hail the space program as a model of human ingenuity, yet let us remain steadfast in our resistance to the do-gooders who would have us over-run by big floppy armed beings intent on taking our jobs while claiming benefits.



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asylum alien

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