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Edition # 7
World news through our eyes
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because there is only one you


Former Lottery presenter Gordon Kennedy playing the accordian in Edinburgh's botanic gardens.

Antony from Blue throwing up relentlessly against a transit van in Manchester's gay village.

TV's Carol Smillie doing the hokey-cokey with the Pope.

George Clooney staggering out of the Atlantis pub in Clydebank.

Send your celebrity sightings to


Glosso 17 Camo-Hose. Funky camouflage tights which reflect available light and give your legs that ready-to-party sheen.

Boobo Bronza. As your holiday tan fades, try this kind-to-skin bronzing powder to add extra allure to cleavage.

And check out Pied a Terre for their new range of pointy-toed calf-length spike-heel scarlet boots with zips up the side. Just the thing to get hs attention when he's going through that "I think I might be gay" phase again.

The personal life of Seonaid Divine - Lifestyle Diva

I was making out with a paramedic at my place on Saturday night when my ex phoned up out of the blue to tell me his girlfriend is expecting his baby. I told him my new beau is so virile that he only has to text me and my period is late. We got into an argument and I slammed the phone down. Then my hunky paramedic lost his libido, went in the huff and left. I cried, drank my weight in gin and called my friend Sara for support - only to find that she was out of her mind on ecstasy and amusing two footballers at her place. Darkness consumes me.

As summer ends and we put away our bikinis for another year, it is tempting to allow ourselves those few extra treats which pile on the pounds and cause bloating. My friend, bloat guru Jen Spears, has these quick tips to help you show bloating who's boss.

"Stay hydrated", says Jen. "Water is the enemy of salt and salt is the friend of the bloat enzymes which can build up in your body. And if you must snack, choose water cress and asparagus, rather than chips or citrus fruits." Jen goes on to say that sleep, of all things, is another weapon which today's woman can use in the fight against bloating. "A good sleep - preferably after sex - burns more calories than you would imagine, helping keep that tum flat and your man a happy bunny."
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empty space gifBETTER SEX WITH CURRY
It's official - curry improves your sex life !
Experts agree - spices in curry act as an aphrodisiac.

Sex secrets known only to Asian monks have been revealed by dietician Alex Bow, who has travelled around the world investigating the sex properties of various foods. (some people get all the best jobs !) And curry comes out as the number one love food.
Said Alex, "Asian mythology refers to "the carnal spices" which are present in most forms of curry".
So girls, if you want a hot date give him the full bhoona !
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Are magicians the new hunks ? Let's face it girls, that combination of dark eyes, danger and a smooth tongue make magicians the sexiest of entertainers. These three yummy tricksters can shuffle my deck anytime !

Wouldn't you love to have hunky
Paul Zenon practice his sleight of hand on you ?
If moody David Blaine
is looking for another box
to enter (ahem..)
Dishy David Copperfield might be getting on a bit, but I'd like to teach
this old dog a few new tricks !
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Sex Magic rating 8/10 Sex Magic rating 9/10 Sex Magic rating 8/10
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