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Edition # 8
World news through our eyes
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because there is only one you


Shane Richie getting chased by a dog in Warrington.

Was that Macauley Culkin being hit by a van in Glasgow's fashionable Byres Road ?

A tired and emotional Rachel Hunter punching lumps out of a wheelie bin in Chelsea.

Rangers football star Fernando Ricksen leaving a burning turd outside his neighbour's door.

Send your celebrity sightings to


Get that Angeline Jolie pout with Glosso 17 Big Lip Butter. Adds va-va-voom to tired and thin lips.

Also by Glosso 17, a new range of shower foaming gels for today's woman. Try Original Ginko Aloba Jojoba Gel or, for sensitive skin, treat yourself to the Desert Fruit Luxury Invigoration Mousse.

Tip: shine and detox your hair by rinsing it in cranberry juice once a week.


Editor's note: Seonaid's famous Anguish diary, in which she reveals to readers her innermost troubles and love misery, is on hold this month while Seonaid recovers from an overdose.
Seonaid would like to thank all who sent cards and flowers and has asked me to reassure her fans that she hopes by the end of next week to be breathing without assistance.
Follow the events which led Seonaid to hospital by reading her Anguish diaries in our back issues. Hit the sitemap link up above and view Lifestyle.

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Tara Jones is a qualified sex expert whose forthright views on human sexuality have caused her to be arrested four times. Her racy exploits in the sex dens of Europe formed the basis of her controversial best-seller biography "Stroke".

Tara now writes exclusively for wreckered magazine. In part four of her exclusive sex survey, Tara speaks to women who have had sex with older men.

With the news that Calista Flockhart is "happier than I've ever been" with beau Harrison Ford, I quizzed women about their sexual experiences with older men.

empty space gifAlison is 25 and her husband is 44. "He knows exactly how to send me into a marinade of love bliss. His tongue-work alone is superb, reflecting as it does years of experience in the ways of pleasuring women."

empty space gifFiona is 20 and her man Graeme is 34. "The best thing is that older guys are more confident than young men. And also they usually have a house and a car - so I don't have to worry about parents downstairs hearing the sounds of our lovemaking".

empty space gifArlene is 19 and has been with 39 year old Joe for six months. "His divorce left him unable to trust women of his own age. His ex was a bitch who wouldn't let him near her when the monster in his pants grew hungry for attention."

empty space gif Sarah 27 is with Stuart, 62. " Apart from a prostate problem, he is as mad for sex as the thrustiest of young studs. When he comes home after winning at golf he just can't keep his hands off me."

Next month in wreckered Lifestyle: sex with younger men.

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empty space gif   Street Cred vs Field Cred

In the wake of Britney's controversial Rolling Stone magazine cover, pop diva Beyonce this month graces the front of toff's favourite, Horse and Hound.

Britain's gentry are said to be in a lather over lifelong horse fan Beyonce's exclusive photo shoot. Horse and Hound subscriber Captain Richard Brooks said "After seeing those photos, I was foaming like a four year old after a two mile steeplechase."

Commodore Jack Whitely agreed "What a damn fine filly." he told Lifestyle. "She can wield my riding crop anytime."

Pop insiders privately worry that Beyonce may damage her street cred by appearing in Horse and Hound. Others however reckon it is a marketing ploy which will broaden the appeal of the Brit soul stunna. Simon Friar of music mag Urban Booty said, "Not only will she be exposed to a new and wealthy audience, her present fans will see her surrounded with the trappings of old skool aristocrat bling."

Will Beyonce's new image hurt her street cred ? E-mail your vote with Beyonce-Yes or Beyonce-No in the subject line of your e-mail.
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