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Edition # 9
World news through our eyes
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because there is only one you


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Tara Jones is a qualified sex expert whose forthright views on human sexuality have caused her to be arrested four times. Her racy exploits in the sex dens of Europe formed the basis of her controversial best-seller biography "Stroke".

Tara now writes exclusively for wreckered magazine. In part four of her exclusive sex survey, Tara speaks to women who have had sex with younger men.

Maureen, 33, sales consultant.
"My boy is 21 and can't get enough of me. I drive him wild by going down on him while he is playing Splinter Cell on his X-Box."

Julia, 30, software technician.
"Billy is 19 and is just getting used to being served in pubs. He likes me to wear a black skirt and a white top and pretend I am a strict barmaid."

Anne, 46, travel agent.
"Last year I was seeing an 18 year old who would develop a stammer whenever he got nervous. In bed, I used to force his head between my legs and berate him about stuff and demand apologies. Bliss."

Kate, 37, events manager
"I had a virgin last year and he was so naive it was hilarious. In bed, he got on top of me and started rolling from side to side. Mind you, when he orgasmed it was like an explosion in a yogurt factory."

Anwar 35, youth worker
"Boys under 23 are too eager. Sometime they even forget to take off their baseball cap."

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After last month's MTV bash in Edinburgh, was that Christine Aguilera arguing about shoe sizes at Hollywood Bowl ?

Kelly Brook buying a sausage roll out of Galbraiths in Clarkston.

TV's Graham Norton riding the winner of the 3.15 at Cheltenham.

A sly bottle of 20/20 peeking out of Posh Spice's handbag during husband David's OBE ceremony.



Get that messed-up hair look with Glosso 17 Jusfukt Mousse.

Bothered by a shiny nose ? Powder away your worries with Glosso 17 Rudolph the Reindeer Nose Begone.

TIP: Cover up armpit odours by smoking incessantly.


SEONAID DIVINE - lifestyle diva

As I lie here in bed tapping my diary into a laptop while recovering from last month's near fatal overdose, I muse on the events which have led me to a broken heart, a drink dependency and a job writing meaningless crap about make-up and snogging. At one time, I could have been the new AL Kennedy. I could have been a woman of renown and substance. And yet now I fester, glassy-eyed and bitter, the heart of my soul crushed like a butterfly in the slamming of a car door. Happy Christmas.

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With the party season upon us, time once again to make sure we look our best under the mistletoe. Here then our 4-step guide on how to get into that little black dress.

1 Check that it is the correct size for you. Find this information on a label somewhere inside the dress.

2 Using both hands, hold the dress by the hem at the back and raise it to shoulder height.

3 Pull it over your head and tug it carefully down over your upper body until your head appears through the gap.

4 Pull gently on the hemline and shoulders to adjust the dress as necessary.
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Don't get too drunk too quickly and snog the chubby bloke from accounts who hasn't bathed since Easter.
Don't do a hilarious strip tease while wearing felt antlers.
Don't ask the boss whether he has seen that film "Secretary".
Don't send picture messages to your friend
Don't crawl around under desks barking like a dog

Do take a spare pair of tights.
Do stay glam while pushed up against the photocopier being kissed roughly yet tenderly by a married man.
Do keep your knees together if sitting on a man's lap (unless you're facing him! Cor!)
Do the hokey-cokey
Do the bicycle courier

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