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Edition # 13
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Trampolining for the blind

Safety concerns have been raised ahead of the 1st Official Blind Trampoline Championship in Stirling, Scotland.

The event has attracted condemnation and praise in equal measure since its inception as an unofficial tournament in 2007. Jumpers must be registered blind before being allowed to compete.

Organisers and competitors slammed the criticism as "political correctness gone mad". Phil Sime, who competes in the heavyweight jumper division, told wreckered, "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't jump up and down on a trampoline. I welcome the risk. What I lack in eyesight I make up for in cojones".

Sime's support team echoed his determination. Dan Holland, lead catcher, said there was no reason to worry about injury. "Every jumper has a team of eight catchers, stationed around the trampoline. Phil's been doing this for years and has never been hurt. It's the catchers who are most at risk."

The sport is proving popular among adrenalin junkies, who have begun their own Blindfold Trampoline League. Rab Christie, extreme sports guru and twice UK Champion in White Water Scaffolding, said, "It's a great sport, a huge rush and we'd love to compete one day against the actual blind.

Phil Sime was unsure." I just don't see it happening."

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There is no wreckered story here. This is just a f****** amazing sport. Look at this.

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Grand Prix Shocker

Korean plan to honour Adrian Sutil thrown into confusion

(From our friends at GrandPrixDiary)

Following his exciting drive in the inaugural Korean Grand Prix, the organisers have decided to name one of the corners, where Adrian Sutil drove off the track, after him. However, they cannot agree which one to choose…

Hit the link above (and scroll halfway down) to see GrandPrixDiary's astonishing (and graphic-enhanced) account of Adrian Sutil's Korean Grand Prix adventure. Wreck-o-mmended!

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Beckham to buy Moon

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LA Galaxy Star David Beckham is to buy the moon and set up a moon soccer league.

In a major new initiative, Beckham will create the first soccer stadium and football academy to be based on a moon.

Insiders hint that there may be more to the plan than meets the eye. It is rumoured that Beckham has been under pressure from wife Victoria, who cites a pre-nuptial agreement in which "David promised me the moon".

Now, with the assistance of Richard Branson's and his Space Tourism Rockets, Victoria's dream may be one small step closer.

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