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Edition # 14
Drug users barbeque
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Drug Users Barbeque

Report by Eddy Wreck (UK) & Xenia Schiller (USA)

Even degenerates can't resist the delights of a barbeque. Wreckered asked drug users in the UK and the USA to share their experiences of getting high while dining al fresco.

By far the most popular drug at a barbeque, all users reported appetite increase (the so-called munchies) as a common result of smoking cannabis in the proximity of a BBQ.

Users reported a 200% increase in the amount of food eaten and a 60% increase in the number of mistakes made while cooking food. Nine respondents reported laughing their asses off when their host set fire to himself.

"When it’s my turn to host the recreational round-robin, I always opt for meth. It’s good if you’re entertaining on a budget, ‘cos you make it in the basement. Unlike pot, which can break you, I’ve never had to feed anyone. With meth, I wouldn’t do much more than cocktail weenies" Emily, 20, sophomore

Users reported appetite loss and a concurrent drop-off in their desire for burgers, pork chops or any other BBQ food. One respondent told us of how she and everyone else at her BBQ got so high on ecstasy that they created an ad hoc mini-festival around the grill.

"The flames were, like, this focal point for us. So we turned up the music, gave the food to the dog and danced the night away". Julie, 22, Herbalist

"Last summer it helped me discover the meaning of life. And the infinite bond that connects every creature. Was a cow told me this. Now I can’t eat any kind of meat. I know too much". Nathan, 32, Pilot



Respondents told of how food would often get overcooked or burned due to intense talking and forgetfulness.

In a few instances, cocaine had caused users to insist that they and no-one else knew how to cook a sausage perfectly. Often, violence ensued and in Shelby County, Alabama, a woman was killed in a gunfight after criticising a man's pork chop.

A niche drug in the world of back yard barbeques. Only one of our respondents admitted taking acid at a BBQ and said he only did it "to imagine what it must have been like in Vietnam".


The downside.

"My boyfriend loves to grill. When we have a gathering, he makes a bit of everything. People are too polite not to load up, but the self-loathing afterwards ruins the party vibe. I’m always ready with the laxatives. You can’t imagine how relieved everyone is when their guilt finally passes". Jennifer, 23, nutritionist


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