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Lifestyle #14
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Wreckered Women

Seonaid Divine
Hi! I'm Seonaid. Lifestyle editor and party girl.

Read my diary of anguish and love in The Divine Blog

"Like Bridget Jones for Goths"
Emo Digest

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Sex Columnist
Tara Jones
Arrested four times in the sex dens of Europe,
Read Tara's latest sex survey here

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Psychic Augusta

Horoscopes and predictions in the wreckered stars

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Popular Lifestyle Features

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Spray on Botox

Self Harm Anthems

Best Dressed Religion

Shopping with Seonaid

iPhone GPS Betrayal Tracker

Find out even before your sister knows she’s about to betray you. Simply download a tracking app to your sister’s mobile.

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A ringback siren will alert you every time she approaches your ex.



Sex Tips by Tara
Avoid fucking a nutcase

We have all at some point fucked a nutcase. I myself once fucked a Nazi. Here's a couple of tips to help you find out if your hunky man is a nutcase..

Ask a question and a few minutes later, rephrase and ask again. Not only will you discredit the absent-minded liar, but it’s also freakishly effective in exposing the paranoid schizophrenic. Seriously. I know. And I deserve a patent.

Once you’ve reached a sustained level of sexual arousal, log on to his computer. What are you looking for? Does he have a lot of porn? Ask yourself, would my mother call this a problem? Deploy visual surveillance. Install a wire tap. Monitor activity. How often does he shower? Why didn’t he go to work today?  Remember, you are not there to have sex! You are there to gather intel about having sex! Focus!

Tara   x

Best Dressed Commandos!
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Xenia Schiller checks out who’s wearing what on the frontlines here.

Go Girl!

Looks to make you look again

Cheryl Cole

Mel B

Lindsay Lohan


Mariah Carey lookalike thrown out of an Irish theme pub for singing rebel songs in a Mariah Carey style.

Charlie Sheen doing the wah-tusi outside the Pope's house. Go Charlie! We like that you think we like you.

Seonaid says..

I read about vaginal wellbeing.I read how advertisers target our insecurities and shame us with imaginary problems. Then sell us the "solution". I say..

What do they want from us? And who is behind this sniff-test anxiety? Men? Sisters - band together and devise a cure for the humid scrotum. Rise up, ladies!"

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