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Opinion # 14
Opinion and ediitorial
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GLOBAL WARMINGempty space gif

Liberals warn us that the planet is getting warmer. I for one would like it to keep getting warmer and for science to fix it after I am dead. That would be alright.

Many experts say there is no real evidence that mankind has had a hand in any so-called climate change. I tend to agree. I take a trip to the beach at least once a year and I can honestly say that the sea looks to be the same height as it always has been. When I walk in the shallows, the water comes up to my ankles. If I were inclined to walk out further, to a point where the water came up to my waist, it would be no evidence of global warming - it would be evidence only of my ability to stand upright in waist-high seawater.

For too long now the bleeding hearts have tried to intimidate us with doom-mongering. I say to them: I will not be intimidated, I will not be doom-mongered. I shall live my life as if every day were my last and pray that my final few hours on this earth bring no hint of what the immediate future holds for me.

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The editor speaks

Something Needs To be Done

John Crow (above) speaks eloquently of his ability to stand waist-deep in seawater. However, none of this should distract us from the very real issues facing the world at large.

The present turmoil in the various turmoiled regions of North Africa and beyond are clear indicators that something should be done. While UN Resolution 1973 states that things should be done, it is surely time for Britain and the US to accept that while things do need to be done, other things cannot be done.

Until the things that need to be done are clearly understood by those involved in the doing of things, very little of substance will be accomplished and such welcome progress as has been made so far may well prove to have been at no little cost to those involved in the decision-making process and, indeed, to those on the ground.

Wreckered urges all those involved in the doing of things to heed the early warning signals which show that not too much should be done in the name of being seen to be doing and that, rather, more should be done to help those who are clearly in desperate need of something being done.

Nevertheless, the subtext of the UN mandate is still clear: something needs doing.

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