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Lifestyle #15
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Wreckered Women

Seonaid Divine
Hi! I'm Seonaid. Lifestyle editor and party girl.

Read my love anguish in The Divine Blog

"Like Bridget Jones for Goths"
Emo Digest

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Sex Columnist
Tara Jones

In this issue, Tara talks to women who pleasure themselves here

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Psychic Augusta

Horoscopes and predictions in the wreckered stars

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Popular Lifestyle Features

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Shopping with Seonaid

iPhone X-stential App

Are any of us ever really free? This handy app checks your ability to exercise free will in the face of society's rules and expectations

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The X-stential App is a crucial aid to your determinism. And best of all, it's free!

Are you an independent woman of today?

Take the 14 point test!

Apartment - check

Confidence - check

Career - check

Car - check

Outfits - check

300 shoes - check

Great hair - check

Best friend - check

Depilatory products - check

Zumba - check

Damaged Ex - check

Slept with a married - check

Been to an Adele gig - check

Barren - check

if you checked any twelve of the fourteen points, congratulations - you are an independent woman of today who lives for tomorrow. Go Girl!

Must Have!
Glosso 17 Neon Lashes !

Be the envy of the dancefloor with these must-have neon lashes.

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Miniatuarised neon tubes inside funky false lashes will have the boys flocking to your entrance.

Available in red, green or gold.
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Seonaid's Diary

Kumbaya, friends. I write to you from the holy lands of Bombay. The sacred chattel fields of the monks, nuns and high priests of the Hindus and the Baptists, where once the Dali Lama fought bare handed in combat against the Kurdish rebels of Turkmenistan for independence.

I, too, seek freedom – from mounting debt and sex addiction. Lo, I’ve come to meet the Goddess. She has not appeared, but... Namaste, yo.

I’ve begun study of the ancient texts – Sanskrit, Phoenician, Kama Sutra... All are open to me. Last night I spoke in tongues. I set foot upon the Path of Niganthas, but turned back when my new boyfriend, the lusty Rajeep, assured me of a more vigorous route to Nirvana – through the selfless art of self love and love of others.

I gave love repeatedly, to many others, and yet still I have not met the Goddess.

If you’ll please excuse, Rajeep informs me I’ve more love to give, and many who wish to receive it.

They’ve formed a queue.
I’m getting tired of waiting on that bitch.

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